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The impact of a well developed television campaign is amazing.  To grab a viewer's attention with stunning high-definition images, a clean message and a memorable music bed is particularly powerful.


The ability of radio to reach that "perfect" demographic is undeniable.  To deliver it with a powerful message and strong music bed is especially effective.


At Capital Ideas, we believe in the power of print.  A strong visual and a concise verbiage go a long way to delivering your message.

Who We Are

Capital Ideas was founded on a simple approach to helping customers through consultation, analysis, strategy and execution and it has served us well.  With a straightforward approach, strong creative and high quality production, at affordable rates, we have found a nice niche and a strong base of high quality local businesses. 

What We Do

Capital Ideas works with companies and organizations throughout Iowa to assist them with the creation of, and implementation of, their marketing and advertising efforts.  This includes (but is never limited to) the following services:

  • Creative services (writing, design etc.)
  • Media planning, negotiation, placement and reconciliation
  • Production (print materials, radio & television commercials etc.)
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