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Who We Are

In 2011, two local agencies with different specialties, SPRINGBOARD ADVERTISING and CAPITAL IDEAS, combined forces to better serve our business partners. Christina Amys from Springboard brought organizational skills as well as knowledge of broadcast television, local radio and print, while Michael Woody from Capital Ideas supplied additional TV experience and a love of the creative and production side of the business. While not quite as exciting as the pairing of peanut butter and chocolate, the merger of our two businesses has proved to be successful on multiple levels.

Over the past four years we have honed both our skills and our approach and we have found keys to success that elude many local advertisers. Strong but simple creative is a huge key, keeping production values very high but costs reasonable is a goal and a constant challenge. Proven media strategies and secrets garnered over a combined 50 years of advertising experience in Central Iowa help to move the needle as well.

When asked about our business partners and whether we specialize, that answer too has evolved over the years. Our “sweet spot” is a locally-owned business that either leads their product category or is a close second. The local ownership is critical. To sit down in front of the owner and have open and honest discussions about their business is essential to our success. A partner with a high level of trust and one who is willing to take a chance on a “package” or a creative concept is also a must.

In 2013 we added Barb Gallagher to our team. Barb worked with Michael at the cable company previously. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the local advertising community has proven to be a huge asset to our efforts. 


Michael C. Woody  




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